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The MCBL is the smallest in diameter X-ray tube out of our production. With only 20 mm in diameter this cathode grounded X-ray tube is able to produce focal spots down to 50 µm and a power load limited in design to 40 W. The max. kV is 30 kV and the customer can choose different target materials for mobile X-ray analytics and for geological applications in drill holes.


The MCBI X-ray tube is a cathode grounded X-ray tube specially designed for X-ray analytics like X-ray flourescence and X-ray diffraction. The 40 mm diameter is optimised for 50 kV and the maximum power is limited to 70 W. Focal spot sizes can be achieved from 10 µm to the well-known 50 µm and up to 1 mm for target materials with a comparable bad temperature coefficient.


The MCBH X-ray tube is the highest kV rated cathode grounded X-ray tube out of our production. The maximum kV is limited at 100 kV and is mainly used for radioscopic as well as mobile inspection. Due to of the thin high tension cable it is prefered for translatoric or robotic movements. For the tube specially made housings, collimators and cooling assemblies are available.


This classic anode grounded X-ray tube is limited at 100 kV and is able to produce up to 4 kW of power. The tube is already X-ray shielded and the whole vacuum vessel is water cooled in order to achieve a high stability emission. Special versions are optimised for the 75 kV applications, like food inspection.


Our MCF is an anode grounded rod anode X-ray tube. rtw is able to either provide this X-ray tube with a transmission window or to use it with a planare or conical target for X-ray applications. The whole X-ray tube as well as the rod anode itself is water-cooled and optimised for 100 kV with maximum 500 W. Special designs can be made upon request.


The MCR is a classical anode grounded panoramic X-ray tube. The tube can be equipped with a flat or conical target. This tube is mainly taken for weld inspection on pipes. The maximum ratings are 100 kV up to 500 W. The X-ray tube is already designed with an X-ray protection shielding and a water-cooled housing.


rtw has invented the well-known tire inspection X-ray tube in 1973. This very unique design allows to inspect the tire on the thread and the side walls with the panoramic X-ray outlet in one shot. The X-ray tube can be made with a flat or conical target. The X-ray tube is cathode grounded and equipped with a special and short designed ceramic insulator. This X-ray tube can only be purchased by our OEM customers.


Our MCT in the "S" version is a right angled, anode grounded rod anode X-ray tube. The longuated rod anode has only 14 mm outer diameter and can be made with different lengths. The rod anode is including a magnetic focussing system. The anode cooling is made by conduction. This X-ray tube is specially designed for the tube to tube shield weld inspection of heat exchangers.


This X-ray tube is one of the newest development for high kV applications. The X-ray tube is powered bipolar. 2 separate vacuum vessels, 1 for the cathode and 1 for the anode, ensure high stability X-ray emission for mobile inspection, X-ray tomography or CT. The X-ray tube has an all over flat design and the thin high tension cables are an advantage for translatoric axes and robotic movements.


Our electron beam emitting X-ray tube is made for the new application as sterilization, crosslinking, hardening or drying processes. Different from solid tungsten targets the target is made of a thin titanum foil, which allows electrons to pass through and spread in the air. Different diameters and lengths are available upon request.


The MC2D-Tube one of the many specific tubes, that we design for OEM customers